1Dear readers,

I came from Klang, a humble town that was formerly a royal city in Selangor, Malaysia. Growing up in a middle-class family providing hair services for a living, I learned the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Driven by my desire to provide a better life for my family, I worked hard and eventually graduated with first-class honours from Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons).

I began my working life in OCBC Bank, Malaysia and a few years later, I chanced upon the opportunity to work in Singapore. Here, I began a 9-year journey working in international and local banks towards building my career.

Throughout my career, I strove to perform my best with the intention of becoming an asset to the company. With my dedication and attention to detail, I was promoted from Assistant Manager to Assistant Vice President as a recognition of being an outstanding employee within a short span of time.

However, IT in Banking sector involved many late night calls and implementation during weekends and public holidays. My health and work life balance took a toll as a result. Also, in Banking sector, there is a saying that “No one is indispensable in the company”.

There were a few instances when I saw some of my seniors and peers made redundant during a period of economic downturn. That was when I decided to prepare myself to create my own life and to move on from this industry.

When I finally left the banking industry for good, my last position was Vice President. It was a great six-figure paying job with comprehensive benefits. I was managing a large IT project initiated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore involving all the banks in Singapore.

This large-scale project sought to implement a feature that most of you take for granted in your daily banking activities – which is the fund transfer between banks within seconds.

However, that was also the most challenging, painstaking IT project which took more than 2 years to implement. Unfortunately, constant extended working hours had affected my health.

This made me realize that health is the true wealth – once lost, it is difficult to get it back again. Money on the other hand – it can be earned very easily.

New Chapter In My Life

Despite being headhunted from other banks, I remain steadfast in my decision to start a new chapter in entrepreneurship.

Besides working hard to further my career goals, I also acquired financial education over the years. I own and co-own million-dollar portfolio of residential and overseas commercial properties which generate passive income.

Whilst enjoying the newly found financial independence, my utmost passion has always been to maximise my potential.

I was introduced to the world’s 1st insurance brand, and was drawn to its tremendous support and learning opportunities as an insurance company.

As a financial planner who owns a business portfolio, I am well-versed in helping myself and other business owners alike to build protection, safety, and stability into their finances.

I am blessed that in my transition to entrepreneurship, I managed to successfully gain the trust and support from my clients.