Ready To Assess Your Financial Readiness?

If you are visiting this page, I assume you are keen to find out more on:

  • Your current financial situation
  • Your existing insurance policies
  • A customized plan on how set yourself up for retirement

Unfortunately, I no longer offer free consultations. This is a personal choice I made in order to ensure my time is not wasted.

You see, I have no desire to provide you with a sales pitch or try to sell to you more insurance policies.

I sincerely believe if you simply wish to “buy” insurance policies, there are plenty of online platforms that allows you to buy insurance without going through an agent.

The prices of the various insurance products there is also cheaper than by buying through an agent.

Booking A Financial Checkup

I provide a 2 hr financial checkup session at $169.

During the first hour, I will do my best to discover what are your retirement goals and your current financial situation. You may also choose to bring your existing insurance policies if you wish for me to do a review on whether these policies suit you.

During the second hour, I will likely get a clear picture on your needs and what are the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goals.

Depending on your unique situation, I might make a decision to do the second hour of the financial checkup on ANOTHER day. Why? This is because I might need to do some deeper research and homework to discover the best solutions for you.

What happens at the end of this 2-hr session, you will receive more insights on:

  • the unknown financial jargons you might be too embarrassed to ask
  • any possible over coverage or insufficient insurance coverage you might have
  • the most suitable plan for your retirement

There will be no disguised sales pitches and no future harassment from me.

This $169 payment is highly unlikely to propel me to the top of the sales table as out of the 10 people who contact me – only 1 chooses to proceed with this financial checkup fee.

I am absolutely fine with that.

When you pay the $169 financial checkup fee – that action brings a lot of meaning to me.

To me, it means you are:

  • committed to plan for your retirement. It also means that I will have to be committed to making sure you get there.
  • serious about making sure you are getting adequate coverage. It also means that I have to provide you with a serious level of service that includes a lot of listening & researching – AND without the sales pitch
  • tired of listening to sales pitches from free consultations (and I can definitely relate to that!)

If you are ready to get started, please click the link below to arrange the date & time of the financial checkup. You will also be directed to make payment by using Paypal.

If you have subscribed and confirmed to join my mailing list, you will also receive a promo code to apply for a $30 discount.

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